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A cross-section of promotional items

Innovation Info Postcard
This promo postcard was made for the UT startup fair, target audience students, startup community members, and parents. Created in Canva.
Campus to Community Twitter Promo
Coined "Campus to Community" to highlight undergrad student projects with local healthcare providers. This promo was the visual element that accompanied Twitter and Instagram shares. Created in Canva.
Example Teaching Award Social Share
Awards were announced via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and on e-boards throughout the school building. Created in Canva.
Example Event Program
Created the 'Future of Health' program and materials for EY event. Image by Alex Knight
Example of Instagram SXSW Quote Post
Used abstract of mural from new McCombs building to fashion a brand friendly Instagram share during SXSW 2019.
New Course Ad
Created a new course ad to be used as web header and via message boards around the school and campus. Created in Canva.
Health Minor One Pager
Used brand-friendly abstract image to create a one-pager for a new education program. Created in Canva.
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