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A sampling of stories from campaign development to articles, interviews, and speeches

Core Values Campaign Plan
Core values campaign, created 2018-2019. Image by Oleg Laptev
Evergreen - Article, Interview
"Evergreen" written from interview with composer Paul Williams. Appeared in Treatment Today issue. 180,000 sub base.
Mind the Gap - Article
Article "Mind the Gap" on women in MBA programs, published previously by McCombs Today Magazine. Image by Brooke Lark
Serious Business - Article
"Health Care is Serious Business" article written for McCombs Today Magazine, featuring the McCombs Summer Institute health care programming.
Speech - UT President Wm. Powers
Speech written for former UT President William Powers, presented at Initiative's annual symposium. Image by Jason Leung
Video Interview Script
I wrote a video story script for five short story excerpts on a faculty research project. Image by Thomas William.
The Song is Done - Interview
Interview with local Austin musician, Jason Molin. Image by Roanna Flowers
Abu Dhabi Do It - Interview
Interview with improvisor, teacher, and ex-pat, Michele Campbell on how she Yes Anded herself across the world. Image by Cal Engel
Is This Real - Interview
"Is This Real Life (Or Is It Just Fantasy?)," an interview with improvisor and creative Taylor Overstreet. Image by Efe Kurnaz
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