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I'm Roanna Flowers. I'm a writer and infrequent improvisor in Austin, Texas. I've written three comedy short films and several long sketches. ​I have 4 comedic novel projects in various states of progress, one of which I'm currently querying.

​I have a B.A. in Medieval English Literature (and Latin) and a WTF in modern American studies. I've studied and performed improv comedy (Chicago style) for about 5 years and have written and worked as an acquisitions editor for various magazines no longer in print (that magazine life, am I right).


I am currently seeking writing/editing opportunities or roles in communication and content strategy. Here's my résumé. (My hair is not pink at the moment, but it would be nice to have the option in the future!)

When not writing, I am hanging out with Gilda Radner (cat), Serena From Bewitched (cat), and a guy I call Floyd (that's only part of his name).