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Silly. Seriously.

My name is Roanna Flowers and I'm a writer and infrequent improvisor in Austin, Texas. I've written four comedy short films, sketches that have been performed in front of sold out audiences in Austin, Texas, and a novel currently in query with a new one just starting.

I was raised on The Three Stooges, Monty Python, and Bugs Bunny. While other kids in kindergarten were listening to Disney soundtracks, I was listening to standup comedy albums (and also Disney albums). And while I was picked Most Likely To Be A Standup Comic in the 1st grade, I didn't start writing comedy until 45th grade. I was too busy trying to be serious (for some reason).

It didn't last.

Now, I write sassy literary fiction, combining the silly and the serious. This site is a collection of the articles, interviews, and short films I've written, character sketches for the novels I'm writing, poems, writing process tidbits, and even a little bit of storytelling.

When I'm not writing, I'm trying to teach myself guitar so that when I finally end up in a New York apartment, I can strum and sing Moon River on my fire escape. When the pandemic recedes, I am so having a Golightly Party.

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