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caro mio

Take this rotten flesh

I want nothing to do with it

Pomegranates torn open, left on the table

with yesterday's meat

And that knife I want to plunge

into something other than pheasant

Take it

Take it from me.

Take this fucking drink

I've had too much of it.

Empty bottles are too much a mirror

It haunts me

It's worse than love

Take it

Take it from me.

Take this painted boy

He'll have nothing to do with me

Shoulder left bare with a basket

forever out of reach

And that skin I want to touch

not paint, touch

Take it

Take this fucking art

I've have too much of it.

A full canvas is too much a mirror

All of me is there

I have nothing left

Take it

Take it

Take it

Inspired by Boy with a Basket of Fruit by Caravaggio

To see and learn more about Caravaggio, visit


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