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Challenge Accepted

Look, enough of y'all know me by now that you know I can't resist a survey or quiz. Hell, I love surveys so much I almost became an accidental Scientologist.

I just missed out on becoming the future ex-Mrs. Tom Cruise.

Accidental Scientologist. Someone who almost converts to a cult on the promise of filling out a long-form survey.

Since the invention of the world wide web ("interwebs" or "web" or "series of tubes"), I have hit every quiz or survey known by any Russian bot. (By now, the KGB must think that Austin is populated by Bugs Bunny Cinderellas who watch a lot of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.)

But the one that gets me every time, without fail, is the 30 Day Song Challenge. I must be a frustrated sound engineer and music producer slash DJ at heart. Or maybe it's just my GenX predilection toward mixed tapes and my Hermoinaic (or Grangerian) desire for completing homework assignments. Whatever the reason, at least once a year, I take up 30 (or more) days to create a 30 Day Song Challenge digital mixed tape for my social media followers.

After years of relying on strangers, Buzzfeed, and KGB agents, I finally decided to create my own. Behold, the 30 Day Song Challenge by Me, Roanna Flowers.

Download, share, and enjoy!

Now, off to take my own test. God, I'm such a Grangerian.

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