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Make It Rain

In Too Much Heaven, Petrichor is the Archangel of Rain whose current residence is an apartment that used to be a pasta factory on the edge of Little Italy, San Diego, 2017.

Maybe it's because it's set in California, but I decided to have the narrator describe characters in terms of the actor they most looked like. It's like a meme-ification (is that a thing?) of character, in a way. Meme-ification may, indeed, be an actual word by 2018.

The basis for Petrichor started with the King of the Modern Anti-Heroes: John Cusack.

But when I was needed to add details about Petrichor in a much earlier timeline, I came across this picture of Gary Cooper from 1930s The Spoilers that changed my mind forever. This photo just captured it for me. This was Petrichor of the past with his Bess, the one who came before the cat.

Gary Cooper BW still from the movie The Spoilers
The Spoilers


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