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Top 5 Favorite Words

I used to dream about being on Inside The Actor's Studio. I am not an actor.

The famous interview by Bernard Pivot included a question about words, namely: what is your favorite word?

It may seem ridiculous to have a favorite word. They're not pancakes (my favorite pancake is, of course, the blueberry pancake).

And yet, here I am with not only one favorite word, but five. Here they are, in no particular order.


It's fun, it's satisfying, it's whimsical.


First, it's a ridiculous word. Gherkin is hard to spell, hilarious to say, and delicious to eat. Its variant pickle is also quite delightful.


I can't look at palazzo pants (THEY'RE CULOTTES, KAREN) without saying culottes out loud. Culottes.


Self. Explanatory. Say it out loud. You're welcome.


Like it's predecessor, teat, weasel is a wonderful word to say. In fact, put the two together and you get an awesome band name. You're welcome. #teatweasel


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