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Top 5 Shows That Should Have Had More Time

Just like Scrooge, these five shows needed a little more time.

1. Pushing Daisies

It was magical. It was dreamy. It was a casualty of the WGA strike. And maybe Bryan Fuller's inability to budget. The cancellation of this show taught me not to trust any network with my heart. #stillmad

2. Rutherford Falls

Brilliant show, great writing and casting, funny,, had a great heart. Also a near 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and great ratings. So why is it gone? Peacock stupidity. #stillmad #reaganandbobbyforever

3. Arrested Development

Too ahead of the times. Too good. Jessica Walters. That is all.

4. People of Earth

It was quirky and unusual as only a sitcom about a group of folks who believe they've been abducted by aliens could be. Any show that names an alien "Doug" has me for life. Great casting, smart writing. Even worked after Wyatt Cenac left.

5. Guest Book

Similar vibe to 'People of Earth.' Quirky, hilarious, with quirky musical interludes (that I, of course, bought), Guest Book was like a live-action short story collection. Each new episode would pick up where the last left off. And there was usually a twist.


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