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Top 5 Songs That Are Totally "Justified"

I just finished binge watching Justified (seriously, I tore through that series faster than a Crowder through bad decisions). I was very slow on the draw, almost as slow as a member of the Crowe family.

Problematic law enforcement issues aside, not only did the show have some of the best dialogue of any show I can recall, the music was well done. Even so, I couldn't help noticing some opportunities (let's call them) that were missed. Here are 5 songs that are totally justified.

Number 5: "Taxman" by The Beatles

Sure, it would be expensive. And, sure, it doesn't sound much like Kentucky. But you can't have a show about U.S. Marshals without it. A cover by a bluegrass band would have been amazing.

Number 4: "Fire on the Mountain" by Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys

Now, this just writes itself. Hell, I started singing it while watching the next to last episode of the series.

Number 3: "Big Rock Candy Mountain" by Harry 'Haywire' McClintock

This is rude, but perfect. When they're pushing "rock" (meth), there's just no better song.

Number 2: "Why Me, Lord" by Johnny Cash

This is the theme song for Art. To be honest, it could be the personal theme song of every character on the show, though redemption was hard to come by for most.

Number 1: Coal Miner's Blues

So much in the first two seasons (especially) deals with the land and the families who have worked it (and worked it over). Naturally, coal figures largely throughout, as a means of a living and a means to an end.


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