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Pivot! Pivot!

As I have mentioned before, I love questionnaires and—more specifically—I love the Bernard Pivot Questionnaire.

Bernard Pivot is the renowned journalist and TV personality whose talk shows were a fixture of French television for several decades.

To entertain myself while working on a synopsis for my first comedic novel TOO MUCH HEAVEN, I decided it would be fun to make various characters answer the famous Bernard Pivot Questionnaire. This might sound peculiar to non-writers. You may be asking yourself? Aren't you just interviewing yourself over and over again?

This is where I inform the non-writers that writers are odd individuals with a weird vocation—or avocation, depending on their particular circumstances.
Non-writers around the world...

I thought they were amusing. I giggled. But then I know my novel. None of the rest of you do. YET. So perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised when the Insta posts and tweets didn't exactly take off.

Hey—writers looking to get published need Insta content, too, you know. We can't all be Kardashians. Some of us have to try to break the internet armed only with sarcasm.

I mentioned this to a friend of mine over breakfast tacos and because she seemed halfway interested—and because I'm working on rewriting my synopsis for a new run at querying after the final revision and critique of TOO MUCH HEAVEN—I've shared them under Character Sketches. And if I'm talking to myself? Well then...


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